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Graphic Design Services

The Papercraft Company Limited – Graphic Design Services – Custom Business Card Design, Letterhead design, Stationery Design and Printing. The quality and the consistent look of each and every piece of your marketing collateral have a huge impact on the success of your business. A really well designed logo, or brochure, or stationery create a positive first impression and increase your chance of gaining new clients. By not using professional graphics it is difficult to succeed in any type of business. Here at Papercraft Designs we offer a complete range of high quality graphic design services at affordable costs with fast turnaround.

Whether your business is large or small, old or new, we are completely focused on creating a memorable face to your business. Professionally designed logo, business cards,stationery, advertisements, and brochures and other marketing collateral will deliver your message, drive sales and prospects, contribute to a stong brand image, and differentiate you from your competitors. Our creative designs will persuade consumers to become interested in the services and products that you offer. Papercraft Graphic Design Services – Custom Business Card Design and Printing – Marketing Collateral Design Experienced at every stage of the creative process, from concept to printing, we offer great ideas, great service and unique designs. We will personally work with you to ensure you have a design you can be proud of.

We have a simple goal: to create complete design solutions that produce real results for your company. Now is the time to take your business image to the next level and Pro-File Marketing is the company that will lead the way. We are not just productive, we are effective.

Papercraft Graphic Design Services – Our clients are not just clients, we build relationships and create friendships. We learn about your company, and your needs, then design with your objectives and target audience in mind.

How Can We Help You?

 From Brand Development Logo Design To Brand Color Scheme:

Creating a strong company logo is an essential step in identifying your company from its competitors. We will develop the visual identity of your brand, including logotype and visual look and feel, and create brand guidelines for on and offline design applications.

 Illustration and Package Design

  • Illustrations
  • Symbols
  • Icons for print advertising, web advertising, packaging, and other promotional materials¬†

Photo Scanning and Retouching

  • Photo Scanning Papercraft Graphic Design Services – Custom Business Card Design and Printing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Retouching
  • Color Correction
  • Image / Photo Restoration
  • Removal or replacement of an object in a photo
  • Image extraction/object isolation
  • Lossless JPEG editing
  • Improvement / correction of portraits
  • Repair of damaged or lacerated photographs
  • The removal of time or date marks imprinted by a photo camera
  • Artistic photograph to painting conversion
  • Natural coloring of black-and-white photos Papercraft Graphic Design Services – Custom Business Card Design and Printing
  • Correction of dark or silhouetted photo
  • Correction of photo lens distortions
  • Reduction of image noise
  • Color & tonal adjustment of your photos
  • Research for a specific photo you are looking for

Graphic File Conversion and Compression

  • Image File ConversionLas Vegas Graphic Design Services – Custom Business Card Design and Printing
  • File Size Reduction
  • File Compression for use as an e-mail attachment, website download, on-line catalog, e-newsletters

Graphic Design Process

We begin each project by developing a solid understanding of your company, your services / product, and your target audience. Once we identify your needs, we begin the actual work of designing. We explore multiple concepts and work together with you to refine the choices. With print projects, we manage everything from pre-production and press checks to final assembly. For your convenience, we can email files to be viewed at your site or office.  We value your feedback and believe that communication is the key to a successful working relationship. If you are interested in how Papercraft Graphic Designing can help you create a polished, professional, and unique results for your next graphic design project, please contact us today.